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OPTS has been receiving an increasing number of phone calls from members and other couples wanting assistance, or direction in choosing a practitioner to work with. We felt it was important to, address this issue in a collective manner. It is not an OPTS policy or function to help couples determine the best practitioner for them to work with. It is the couple's responsibility (indeed duty!) to be informed consumers of these services. Each successful blending of a couple, a surrogate, and a practitioner is unique and individual to the parties involved.

There is an ever increasing number of practitioners who offer full or partial services for completing a surrogate arrangement. In addition to offering different services, practitioners have vastly differing policies, personalities, experiences, and track records. Couples must determine their own needs and preferences, and then investigate as many practitioners as possible to determine their best choice.

There is so much to consider before selecting a practitioner, and each couple's situation is unique. It would be impossible for OPTS to determine what is best for each couple. The purpose of the OPTS Referral List is to simply provide our members with information on who is working with surrogate arrangements, and which aspects of an arrangement they can assist with. OPTS strongly recommends that couples do some homework before selecting a practitioner, including;

1. Reading about the surrogate process, and the experiences of other's

2. Interviewing several practitioners. The OPTS Referral List is a good starting point, but may not be all inclusive. (You will receive a list upon becomming a member)

3. Speaking with couples who have gone through the programs you are considering (Most practitioners will give you references to couples they have assisted, expect these to be positive experiences, of course. You can also try contacting OPTS members through Phone Friends; to receive a list you must be a member of OPTS)

4. Gathering input (and support) from friends, family, and professional acquaintances (You may be surprised by potential contacts through your personal attorney, physician, or counselor).

Above all, remember to use OPTS as a resource. We can help you gather information and support, so that you can make an informed decision. OPTS wants everyone who chooses surrogate parenting to have a positive experience, and a happy outcome.


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