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When interviewing surrogacy services, please keep in mind that they are all run differently. Try to learn as much as you can about any program or service that interests you and get references, before signing up.

About the Program/Operator

When was your service established? Who runs it (doctor, lawyer, social worker, etc)?

How much experience do you have with surrogate parenting?

Are you licensed in this state?

Do you have an office or work from home?

What services will we need to obtain separately?

Can you refer us for other services?

How many babies have been born so far through AI-Artificial Insemination Surrogacy?

How many babies have been born so far through IVF-Gestational Surrogacy?

How many babies have been born so far through Egg Donation?

Has a surrogate mother ever changed her mind about relinquishment? If so, for what reason?

Are you now in litigation or have you been sued previously? If so, for what reason? What was the outcome?

What kind of support services (such as support groups) are available for couples and surrogates?

How big is your staff and who will we be dealing with most of the time?

If we have a question or problem, is someone available to us at all times?

Is there now a waiting list?

Can you provide references?

Is a brochure and cost sheet available?

About the Process

How do you find prospective parents and surrogates?

What are your requirements for each?

Do you require ( as reputable programs do) that the surrogate have had at least one child?

For the protection of all parties, do you see to it that everyone receives medical screening (including full disease testing) psychological counseling and legal representation ahead of any procedures?

Are screening services provided before or after the parties are presented to each other?

What if a prospective surrogate decides not to work with us after the screening has been completed?

Are our screening fees refundable?

Can couples and surrogates meet in this program or do you recommend strict anonymity?

Who will be responsible for helping everyone with the details?

How about for clinical appointments for inseminations or embryo transfers?

If embryos reduction should be medically indicated, can we get those services at the IVF clinic handling the embryo transfer?

Is sperm for inseminations banked and pre-tested before use? Or are the inseminations done with fresh sperm? If so, what precautions are taken to ensure it's healthy and disease free?

Who decides what tests and/or treatments the surrogate should receive before or during pregnancy?

Does your program require a negative pregnancy test before any procedures are attempted? How about after a missed period?

Is a positive pregnancy test required?

What if a pregnancy isn't achieved within a specified amount of time?

Can we get re-matched without any additional costs?

Can we be present for the birth?

Will you be able to help us complete the process for parental rights after the birth of the baby or will we need to hire another attorney?

What if the surrogate mother is asked to appear in court to help complete the legal work. Would she be able and willing to travel to help us complete the process for parental rights?


About Costs

What is your fee policy?

Is there a charge for an initial consultation?

Will your program or service handle all payments for us directly or will we be recommended to pay expenses directly?

How much will it cost, ball-park figure, for AI-Surrgoacy?

How much will it cost, ball-park figure, for Gestational Surrogacy?

How much will it cost, ball-park figure, for Egg Donation?

If we should change our mind after signing up with your service are our funds refundable?

Will you give us an itemized monthly statement of expenses as the process goes along?

How does your program handle expenses and/or compensation for the surrogate?

Is there a refundable cap on fees?

What additional expenses might be involved?

Is health and/or life insurance available for the surrogate mother?

About Contracts

Will we be asked to sign a contract?* How about the surrogate mother?

Will each party have separate legal counsel?

Can we all have a copy of the agreement to review before signing?

How binding is this agreement on the parties involved?

Can we add or change some aspects, if desired?

How do the laws of this state or the state where the baby will be born affect any agreement we wish to make?

About Referrals

Do you receive any payments or bonuses for referring us to other programs, providers, services or clinics?**

*Most IVF clinics require a signed contract between the parties, whether or not it would be enforceable.

**If you are referred by one program, clinic, attorney, etc. to another for help. ask if the sender will receive a bonus or fee for the referral. If so, your access to information, choices and resources available may be severely limited.


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