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U.S. GS Today (Read 2283 times)
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U.S. GS Today
Feb 16th, 2013 at 8:20pm
I am a U.S. citizen, 38 years old, who looks younger and horomone levels are that of a 20 year old (last checked).

Have passport and will live in another country, to deliver a child for IPs there or in the U.S. by scheduled c-section.  I have had one healthy baby boy, 8 lbs 11 oz, and very smart.  I feel this is due to possibilities in genetics but also by careful nurturing from the womb, and prayer.

Those who are vegan may appreciate that I have been vegan for 1 year, and those who are not vegan may appreciate that I am willing to be disciplined enough to do whatever IPs, or one IP, desires with regard to dietary or other concerns (religious or not).

My history is of instant conception.  I have been celibate most of my life, and I have not altered my body chemistry through oral contraceptives, or anything that would affect fertility.  This may be important for attachment and secure position of the baby in the womb.  I had no complications in pregnancy, and was fortunate not to have even morning sickness.  I had a complicated vaginal birth but there will be no problem if I have c-section, which is indicated as automatic.  I have no STDs/drugs/alcohol/smoking and my blood type is A+.  A midwife is okay until c-section.

I would like to carry the pregnancy in another country, with insurance from the country of the IPs, and deliver either there or in the U.S.  I do not mind doing this more than one time.

I am negotiable with compensation, taking insurance and private housing into consideration, and have something like $30,000-$60,000 in mind.

I am doing this because I had a very comfortable pregnancy, and for the money which I would use to support some of my goals.  I am a college student working on a double major and have other plans as well.  I have turned down offers of money $20k+ to be a traditional surrogate because I am only willing to be a GS.  I'm not okay with selective reduction or termination. 

I would like to play piano more.  Please contact me.
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