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The Gift Of Life
by: Diane Stewart


As the sun shone brightly upon my window pane one morning I knew that God had a quest for me to fulfill

For I was the package in which a child would be delivered For this was His will

The Lord has chosen a mother, my clone For I will never raise this child as my own

The mother he has chosen is infertile you see She cannot bear children, unlike me

So I will bring this child through nine months of flight Never to see her again, though in thought I might

She was brought into this world through much planning and care I suffered her birth, though not alone, for her mother was there

She will be loved and guided through many a strife She will be taught to live an obedient life

Within my heart I know this is right For God has commanded this joyous flight

If ever asked to deliver again, I would For not to, would be a sin.

2007 OPTS - The Organization of Parents Through Surrogacy