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How I Decided To Become A Surrogate Mother


It was 1967 when I was greeted by life, brought here by a young, unwed mother. My fate had already been decided--I was to be adopted.

Growing up, I can't think of any child who had more love, nurturing and support than I had. I have truly come to realize how lucky I have been since becoming a parent myself. I, unlike my parents, have been fortunate enough to bear children of my own. During my childhood, I can recall moments when I thought that my birth mother had "thrown me away" or "took out the trash", but I know that was not true. I know she did the right thing. I have outgrown those feelings entirely and realize I have a purpose here. I feel I have grown into a self-confident human being and I owe that to being born.

In the last few years, I have decided to search for my birth mother, but have not been successful and may never be. I do not want to hold out false hopes for what may be a long and painful search, so it is with great pleasure that I have made a positive decision to be a surrogate mother. I want to open my heart for people who should be able to experience the joys of parenting. I feel that by fulfilling a couple's dream, my heart will be satisfied whether or not my birth mother is ever found.

It is with great pride that I write to all my family and friends, who may or may not approve of my decision, that I say I entered into this willingly. I was not forced or coerced in any way. For those of you who think I an in it for the money, I ask you, do you go to work and not receive a paycheck? I have entered into a partnership with both parties, each seeking their own personal satisfaction. A child will be born and be offered love, taught values, and a chance to grow with endless possibilities. As for myself, why shouldn't I be a surrogate mother? I couldn't think of any reasons not to! It is the right thing to do.


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