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New England Surrogacy Support

51 Circuit Avenue
Newton, MA 02461
(617) 332-1072


Since 1996, I have been running a Support Group for traditional and gestational surrogates, their partners, as well as for recipient couples. To my knowledge, this kind of group is unique in New England. Individuals are welcome to attend the group, whether or not I have been involved in the screening process.

This group serves a number of purposes. There is the provision of information and the sharing of experiences that takes place for both surrogates as well as recipient couples. Attendees speak of the inspiration, the combating demoralization and isolation, as well as the renewal of hopefulness that occur. When you have all together twenty or more individuals involved in a similar undertaking, there are substantial informational and emotional resources that are available to one another.

At the beginning of considering or actually undertaking a surrogacy arrangement, many recipient couples are still very close to the disappointments they have experienced in their quest to enlarge their family. They may, understandably, be wary and suspicious of getting into something new. While there is no attempt to downplay the hurdles and frustrations that sometimes arise, participants in the group have a chance to meet those who have successfully gone through the whole process or are well on their way. Participants are invariably relieved to discover that people like themselves are involved in this family building option.

For surrogates, it is invariably helpful to meet other women embarking on a similar path as well as those have already completed the process. Information is readily shared, and surrogates have a chance to broaden their support network. Frequently, surrogates who have been through the process are proud to tell others of their accomplishments.

The group meets approximately once every ten weeks on the weekend. All participants spend some of the time meeting together, and there is also a chance for surrogates and recipient couples to meet separately.

Couples who are considering surrogacy as an option are also welcome to drop in if they believe doing so will help them determine if this is the right family building option for them.

There is a fee for attending. If you are interested in additional information, you can reach me at (617) 332-1072 or at

Andrew Geller

2007 OPTS - The Organization of Parents Through Surrogacy