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Our Surrogacy Story


How do you thank a woman who has given you the gift of life when all your hopes for having a child had evaporated? There are no words that can express our feelings for our surrogate mother.

My infertility resulted from the use of the Dalkon Shield IUD. We tried to adopt but were told that by the time all the processing was done and the wait of two to four years, we would no longer meet the age requirements. Through chance, we read an article on Surrogacy and so began our wonderful and quite different journey.

We have never met or talked with our surrogate mother except through letters as that was our agency's policy. After an uneventful pregnancy, our beautiful baby daughter was born. What joy and love we felt! Five days later, our agency called and asked us to testify before Congress with them. This was in October of 1987. We felt Congress needed to hear the positive side of surrogacy, so we went to Washington D.C. with our daughter and into the spotlight. The Congressmen had their own agenda and only one person on the panel of nine was interested in what we had to say. Everyone was more interested in Mary Beth Whitehead, but we felt we had an obligation to other infertile couples to keep this option open.

We were blessed again when our surrogate mother wanted to help us have another child. The love we feel for this woman is overwhelming; she gave so much to us! Again, after an uneventful pregnancy, our son was born. When he was four months old, we found he had a genetic disorder called Glycogen Storage Disease, Type 1 B, which affects his liver and white blood cells. Without feedings of cornstarch every four hours around the clock, he would die. But with the cornstarch and drug to increase his white blood count, he is a well controlled and an active, happy toddler.

Yes, there is a lot of stress involved in his care. We set two alarm clocks to be sure we are up at 3:00 AM to feed him. Our life is hectic and not how we pictured it would be, but do we have any regrets? No, Never! He is our son, and is bonded to us, as is our daughter. Our only regret is that we never met our surrogate mother to thank her for all she has given to us.


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